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Remote Depositions — are they here to stay?

By July 12, 2022No Comments

Over the last couple of years we’ve all had to adjust and adapt to the changes brought on by the global pandemic, and that includes the legal world.  Hence, the integration of remote depositions has emerged.  It has proven to be a great option for those who can’t or choose not to appear in person for a myriad of reasons, some of which include safety, economics, and convenience.

With the success of remote depositions, the big question is: are they here to stay?

It appears they are.   Remote depositions present various solutions to streamline the deposition process.  They give witnesses and their counsel more freedom than ever by allowing the opposing attorneys and witnesses the flexibility to find an agreeable time – without concern for scheduling a physical meeting space.  Distance no longer is an impediment. A simple internet connection and the proper equipment is all that is required.

Remote Depositions have kept attorneys, witnesses, and our court reporters safe, while keeping the wheels of justice turning.  The benefits of in person depositions will most certainly continue, but remote depositions will be a great option for litigators for years to come.

We’ve been providing remote depositions long before the pandemic arrived.  We are continually striving, however, to create a more seamless experience and provide the best possible solution, whether in person or remote. Ensuring that you’re working with a litigation support provider who is experienced in remote depositions is paramount to a successful experience.